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Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer – Tell Us What Happened

According to Transport Canada more people have died on Canada’s roads in the last 50 years than the number of Canadians killed in two world wars. Six Canadians die in road crashes daily and thousands are seriously hurt. Although our roads are amongst the safest in the world, vehicular accidents are often times unavoidable. How many times have we heard people saying, “pay attention to the road” and “buckle up”, but unfortunately this is not enough to protect us from a negligent driver that causes an accident which in many cases leads to serious injuries and death. Negligent driving not only alters the lives of victims and their families forever, but it also impacts negatively on the economy and leads to higher insurance rates.

We, Personal Injury Lawyers at Toronto Trial Lawyers representing the victims of motor vehicle accidents is the largest part of our practice due to the fact that the GTA has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle accidents in Canada. Whilst accidents are sometimes unavoidable, here are some tips on how to avoid an accident:

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