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Roads and highways are meant for the use of not just vehicle-users, but also that of pedestrians. Most countries consider pedestrian rights to be important but not absolute. Pedestrians have a duty of care to use the roads safely and responsibly. However, when you or a loved one has been involved as a pedestrian in an automobile accident, you need to contact our free consultation injury lawyers immediately to assess your claims for compensation. Most accidents are demonstrably caused by the fault or negligence of someone – be it an individual or an agency and our experienced car accident lawyers can assist you with establishing the facts of the case.Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians include those who are walking, running, jogging, hiking, sitting or lying on the road. In general, the laws are in favor of pedestrians, since they are more likely to be seriously injured in accidents. Drivers are expected to be alert and on the look out for pedestrians at intersections, cross-walks, traffic signals etc. They are expected to slow down, wait and ensure that the pedestrian has crossed safely before proceeding. Typical causes of pedestrian accidents include:

• Vehicle and Driver Fault, including type of vehicle, risk-perception, speed and volume of traffic, type of vehicle, failure to yield, alcohol and drug abuse, distractions like cell-phone use, road rage, reckless driving, equipment failure, tire blow-outs.

• Physical Environment which includes badly marked roads and crossings, poor state of roads, badly maintained sidewalks and signals, absence of sidewalks.

• There may be special conditions like poor visibility, inclement weather, pedestrian being a person with disabilities, construction sites, crowded areas, child pedestrians, street-vendors, malls etc.

• Pedestrian behavior can also contribute to accidents.

• People with occupational risks like traffic police, construction workers, mail-carriers, garbage-collectors or parking-lot officials are especially subject to risk.

Typical Injuries

The injuries sustained by pedestrians depend on a large number of factors. The size and speed of the vehicle, age and health of the pedestrian, primary and secondary impact etc. Our serious injury lawyers can assist you with establishing these factors. Typical injuries include:

• Lacerations, cuts and contusions
• Abrasions
• Fractures, broken bones
• Brain and spinal cord injury
• Severe bruising
• Torn ligaments
• Loss of eye-sight
• Disfigurement
• Paralysis
• Burns

Why You Need the Services of a Lawyer

The first priority would be to get emergency medical treatment, but following this, either the victim or relatives need to contact a 24×7 injury lawyer immediately. There are strict time-frames within which all claims for compensation have to be filed, failing which they will be dismissed. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you to file the relevant paperwork in time and ensure that your claims are backed by the required documents, evidence, testimony etc.

As ordinary citizens, we may not have the financial resources or the knowledge to submit the right kind of evidence to back our claims. Our accident injury lawyers, available 24×7 can swiftly begin working on your case so that vital evidence is not lost or misplaced. The important sources of evidence include the motor vehicle handbook that the state uses to mandate the rights of drivers and pedestrians. The local police, fire and rescue teams involved would have filed their reports and our experienced personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and resources to access these reports and study them to back your claims.

Additionally, when you contact a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible, they can begin working on collating eye-witness testimony, documentary proof like speeding tickets issued to the driver previously, photographic evidence from CCTV cameras etc. In serious cases, a car crash specialist can fix the causes of the accident.

We can access weather reports that indicate prevailing weather conditions at the time, to show motorist negligence or recklessness. Further, we can advise you to correctly preserve your clothing, footwear, medical records and bills relating to the accident which can be used to claim compensation.

One of the biggest hazards of being involved as a pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident is that the victim may inadvertently make statements like “I’m sorry, I just didn’t see you” or they may provide signatures, authorizations or recorded statements that could compromise their claims for compensation later. Conversely, if the driver makes statements such as these, admitting they were drunk or on the phone, etc, our legal team can ensure that they are noted down and used at trial later.

All these factors show that the more evidence that can be gathered, the more robust and strong your case would be.

If you, your family or a friend has been injured in an accident, please feel free to speak to one of our injury lawyers for a free consultation about how we are able to assist in making a personal injury claim. We consult in all cities across Ontario with a no win no fee guarantee. Our personal injury lawyers have helped victims secure millions of dollars in personal injury cases. Call us Toll Free On our 24/7 Injury Hotline: 1 – 844 495 7333 or Text a Personal Injury ‎Lawyer 24/7 and get instant help.TM (416 807 3486)

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