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If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving a truck, it’s essential that you seek immediate medical assistance, following which you urgently need to find a 24×7 injury lawyer. As a victim of a truck accident, you are entitled to compensation. Most accidents are caused by the fault/negligence of someone, or by a malfunctioning or non-functioning part in either of the vehicles.

Why Truck Accidents Are So Devastating

Fully loaded trucks are massive vehicles that are capable of inflicting catastrophic injuries when they collide with passenger cars, pedestrians or smaller vehicles. These giants of the highway, which often have 18-wheel or tractor-trailer configurations, can be extremely difficult to control. Their drivers have to be highly skilled, experienced and trained. Because of the sheer force and weight of cargo involved, accidents can result in serious injuries, life-time disabilities, paralysis, loss of limbs or even death. Commercial truck accidents can have devastating results because these vehicles are much larger and heavier than typical passenger cars. Additionally, commercial trucks usually carry hazardous or inflammable materials like gasoline, acids, dangerous chemicals etc. leading to fire breakout, chemical burns, respiratory damage, etc.

Our free consultation injury lawyer can give you a swift, comprehensive and genuine assessment of the case and assist you with establishing the fault or negligence.

Types of Truck Accidents

Apart from collisions, truck accidents are quite unique. This is due to the weight and size of the vehicle. Reasons for truck accidents could be the physical/mental condition of the driver, poor roads, visibility, etc. Our car accident lawyers can help to establish these facts. Some of the common types of truck accidents include:

• Failure of air-brakes
• Roll-over on to other vehicles due to poor tire grip
• Loss of control due to tire blow-out
• Jack-knife accidents in which the cab turns at right angles to the trailer
• Rear-ending another vehicle due to loss of control
• Under-riding by smaller vehicles following the truck when the truck-driver slams the brakes
• Improperly secured loads
• T-bone or side-impact collisions with other vehicles changing lanes
• Head-on collisions

Causes of Truck Accidents

Studies show that truck accidents leave enormous damage in their wake in terms of both physical and financial loss. Many of the drivers, though skilled veterans, may be lured by the large bonuses offered by trucking companies to beat deadlines. Some of the typical causes of truck accidents include:

• Aggressive or Reckless Driving
• Driver Fatigue
• Drugs and Alcohol
• Inexperienced or poorly trained driver
• Overloading
• Poor estimation of turns
• Badly secured loads
• Unrealistic expectations of trucking company
• Illegal maneuvers
• Road rage
• Speeding
• Poor weather conditions
• Unfamiliar roads
• Distractions during driving like texting or using cell-phones
• Ignorance of the vehicle’s capability

Whatever the cause of your truck accident, you need to concentrate on recovering your health instead of worrying about how you’re going to afford the medical and rehabilitation expenses. Our serious injury lawyers can begin working on your case immediately.

Your Legal Rights

As the victim of a truck accident, you may be seriously injured. However, your next of kin can proceed with the legal formalities on your behalf. Victims are often severely injured, with spinal cord/brain damage, orthopedic issues, amputation, flesh injuries, loss of vision, burns, severe emotional trauma etc.

It’s important to realize that there is a strict time-frame within which compensation claims have to be made and the clock starts ticking right from the moment of the accident. Trucking companies are usually first off the mark, contacting their insurers and corporate attorneys to limit the damages, delay, deny or dismiss compensation claims. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are on call to assist you with putting together a robust case for maximum compensation.

Another important aspect of truck accidents is that there are several potential defendants involved and liability is spread across different agencies. Apart from the driver, trucking contractors, corporations, insurance companies, manufacturers, parts-suppliers, cargo loaders, etc. Hence, our experienced free consultation injury lawyers can assist you.

How We Can Assist You

As ordinary citizens, most people are unaware of the hazards of speaking to representatives of the opposite party. Often, victims are traumatized, while their relatives are in a state of confusion and anxiety. They may make inadvertent admissions, provide signed documents or submissions, recorded statements or authorizations to access their own medical history which could adversely affect their claims in future. Our serious injury lawyer can represent you at all stages of negotiation and trial, ensuring that your rights are safeguarded and interests protected.

If you, your family or a friend has been injured in an accident, please feel free to speak to one of our injury lawyers for a free consultation about how we are able to assist in making a personal injury claim. We consult in all cities across Ontario with a no win no fee guarantee. Our personal injury lawyers have helped victims secure millions of dollars in personal injury cases. Call us Toll Free On our 24/7 Injury Hotline: 1 – 844 495 7333.


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