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law_imgIt is no secret that not all personal injury lawyers stand in front of a Jury and argue a case on behalf of an injured victim. It is critical for you to choose your lawyer based on the quality of his or her courtroom work. Many of our clients have found out later that they had hired the wrong lawyer to represent their case. I am sure that you would not like to hire a lawyer who has had no successful courtroom experience whatsoever. It is important for you to know how he or she is viewed by the people with whom they work, such as, judges, courtroom staff and other lawyers. Another important consideration is the lawyer’s fees. Our firm is confident about our ability to successfully settle your claim through negotiation or at trial.

It is for this reason that we charge a contingency fee, which means that you would pay us no money upfront for your services. We fund the litigation on your behalf and you pay us at the successful conclusion of your case. We will not charge you fees unless we win your case ane will not take on a case unless we are confident that we will win

Here is a brief summary of what to look for before you hire your lawyer:

  • Does your lawyer have the necessary trial experience similar to you case where he/she has stood in front of a jury and won?
  • Will your lawyer take you case all the way to a trial if there is no offer of settlement?
  • Does your lawyer have the financial ability to successfully fund the litigation process, such as hiring medical experts, forensic accountants, accident reconstruction experts etc?
  • Is he or she certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in Civil Litigation – remember not all lawyers are certified as specialists in their field.
  • Does the lawyer specialize in personal injury cases?
  • Has the lawyer written research papers in the area of personal injury law?
  • Are you sure that the person you hire will be the one handling your case to its conclusion or will your case be referred a different law firm when your case does not settle out of court or becomes too difficult to handle?.
  • Does your lawyer teach other lawyers how to successfully conduct a trial or how to handle complex personal injury litigation?

Experience has taught us that the insurance industry is fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of personal injury law firms. They know which firms have trial lawyers willing to take a case to court and which lawyers will want to settle a claim at all cost. Quite simply if your lawyer does not have a reputation for successfully trying cases in court then the value of you settlement before trial will be far lower.

Headed by Jack Fireman, QC, whose trial experience is legendary, our firm has an aggressive litigation team ready to take your case to court if a fair and reasonable settlement is not reached. Right from the start your case is thoroughly researched, appropriate experts are hired and the pressure is on. If there is no reasonable settlement then we take them to trial. Fortunately because of our reputation, cases frequently settle out of court. Generally cases settle within two years from the time you retain our

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