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Over the years we have asked our clients why have they chosen our firm as opposed to other personal injury law firms and this
is what some of them had to say:

  • We charged no fees until their case was settled.
  • Our firm specialized in personal injury cases.
  • Our lawyers were experienced and professional.
  • Jack Fireman has over 44 years experience as a litigator
  • Our firm had lawyers that were certified by the Law Society as specialists in civil litigation.
  • When they first visited our offices, they were impressed with our large team of employees
  • Our lawyers were friendly, well researched in the law and gave them straight answers.
  • Our firm hired experienced and reputed medical experts to support their case.
  • We had returned their calls and answered their questions without delay.
  • When they were injured and need advice on the weekends we were there for them.
  • We were highly recommended by other lawyers who had referred them to our offices.
  • We have an office in Brampton as well as Toronto which made it easier for them to consult with us.
  • Our lawyers made home visits several hours away from Toronto to consult with them when it was not possible for them to come to our offices due to their injury
  • We were highly recommended by a former client of our firm who was pleased with our services and the settlement of their case.

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